About Ben

Ben is currently doing the thesis of his Master of Theology degree. He is studying in the beautiful country of New Zealand, which in fact is his home country. His research is in New Testament studies and is generally about the Apostle Paul and eating together. Aside from study Ben also works for an organisation that supports highly at-risk teenagers who are currently in the justice system. Ben’s role comprises of supporting the main tutor, and helping to provide an environment of learning that will encourage his students to opt-out of committing criminal acts.

The other significant interests of Ben’s include cooking and coffee. In regards to his cooking he is “meh alright” but what he lacks in technical ability he makes up for in passion and desire for community vibes. In terms of coffee, Ben enjoys the experience of pour-over coffee, which is very expensive in the coffee shop (over time). This enjoyment led his to purchase a full pour over coffee rig which utilises the Chemex and he thinks he makes a pretty decent cup of filter coffee.

Ben also writes two other blogs in regards to these two other areas of interest (although he doesn’t seem to post there very often, but he would like to!). These can be found at:

Finding Paradise

the koinonia project (although this one is new, currently barron (should have its first proper blog on the 11th Sept), and is not strictly a food blog per-say)