Day 31

Whoops, I did not manage to get a post out on Monday. Unfortunately it was due to distractions rather than productive reasons. This post is mainly a culmination of loosely related thoughts and processes that are happening in my research at the moment.

Right now I am struggling with the distractions that are coming up. I guess you could think of it as trying to conform to the discipline of reading. Its been quite difficult to get motivation to do lots of straight reading, and as I write this I am reminded of a post on ThesisWhiperer about a thing called Pomodoro which is a really great technique.

However, I am really enjoying the study at the moment and there is so much that I am learning in the reading that is happening. So many new fascinating perspectives. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing that I have been encountering more often is the discourse between scholars and the different interpretations of one scholar’s contentions.

I have started reading in a more focused sense since my last post, and it has had very beneficial results which has resulted in more profitable notes being written. The only issue at the moment is that I am reading a few chapters ahead into the thesis, and Im not quite there yet in the writing stage. My next meeting with my supervisor is coming up soon so I will be doing some writing in the next few days so that I have something to present during our meeting. I will be reverting to reading what I should be for chapter two of the thesis, but I am also mindful that some of my books (which are not relevant to chapter two) have short loan times from the library!

Fairly short post today, at the moment its just reading, note taking and more reading. I wish that could be what I said for my methodology: “I’m going to read lots of stuff” – said so many thesis students before me…



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