Day 15


This week has been pretty good, I feel like things are picking up for me and I’m regaining the study momentum. This is a massive plus, especially when your only thing to do for your study is a focused self-directed research thesis. Anywho, this week I managed to do a few major things…

Firstly I finished composing the initial draft for my introduction to my thesis, which I then sent to my supervisor. At the moment he is checking it over to see whether I am on the right track for pointing the entire thesis in the right direction.

The next major thing comes off the bat of last semester and should have been done earlier but as you will find out there were reasons I just couldn’t do it until this week. Last semester I did the pre-research paper, which is a project-based paper designed to introduce the student to doing research. So I did my research paper last semester, along with another postgrad paper, and I was also working full time for a significant amount of that semester. Anyway to cut the story short I finished the research early because I was going travelling (which cut into my semester, and no way was I studying while I was travelling). I had decided to try and get it read and edited before I sent it to my “advisor” (who is now my supervisor) for his check over. As it happened, the person who I wanted to edit it was quite busy, so he didn’t get a chance to edit it. And I never sent it to my advisor to look it over (although I should have done this much earlier anyway, at that point even if he had asked for changes it would have been incredibly difficult because I was overseas without my resources). So I submitted it with two key mistakes, no editing, and no advisor check up. So I got my result back just before my trip finished and it was a C+ which I was really disappointed with. I started reading the first page of comments and I just couldn’t go on, it was too tough. When you put quite a bit of effort into something and then receive a rubbish mark it makes it incredibly hard to read the comments. I decided instead to read the overall comments and the first thing it said was, “why didn’t you send this to me earlier, it could have easily been a B+ without too much effort.” So gutted.

The reason why this was a major thing this week was because I finally got the courage to read through the comments which were really informative for writing this thesis. Lots of stuff that I need to keep in mind. Most of it was about making sure everything draws back to the thesis statement and is relevant to that, and continually explaining why issues that you come across matter for the research. I read this after I had submitted the first draft, so I made a lot of changes to that introduction to incorporate what he said in my project, I haven’t quite sent the revised version, but I will soon (hopefully before he sends back the first draft).

This leads me into the next major thing which was the revision of the draft following reading the comments from last semester’s project. This was particularly important in the methodology to really explain well the research I am going to be doing. I managed to lengthen it out quite a bit too, which helped me reach my word allocation for that section. Now I just need to revise the initial section of the introduction to make sure that I am being as clear as possible in my writing.

Along with this I also managed to create the revised version of my structure to reflect the changes that have been made to the initial thesis statement and the methodology. Which is going to be a big help going forward in the writing of the proper thesis. Although I plan to try and flesh it out the main ideas of the thesis as I get to them as much as possible so that I can write continue to write clearly and keep the flow of my arguments as in-tact as possible

So far, I’m really enjoying the research process, although it is taking some time for the study attitude to kick in to where it needs to be. I am looking froward to getting into the meaty bits of this thesis and also moving on to the next thesis down the road… the big PhD.

Thanks for reading 😀



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