Day 8

I think that weekly Monday will work best for this, it seems like a manageable way to undergo this project.

Anywho, I have finally started the writing process for my thesis, I have done a little bit of the introduction as per the advice of my supervisor. The introduction has been an interesting project within itself. In the beginning, trying to write something, anything, on the page was rather difficult. The idea behing writing some of my introduction initially was to solidify my thesis statement and further consolidate my idea so that I can be very specific about my research and nail the direction the project is heading. However, trying to figure out those first few words was a rather hard ordeal. I didn’t know where to start or what was necessary to explain. Although I guess most assignment start out in a similar fashion, but maybe without the expectation of it being a self guided procedure to this extent. In undergraduate and postgraduate taught papers the assignments are still very focused and defined to varying degrees, which they need to be. As I further approach the end of the academic journey (qualification-wise) these responsibilities fall away from my ‘all-knowing’ lecturers or professors and become my own responsibility. All of this to say that I just felt like I had no idea what I was doing when I started that introduction to my thesis.

Once I had about 200 words down on the digital paper a brilliant idea occurred to me! What if I do what I usually do and create a structure for my introduction. That is write out a basic outline for the introduction so that I can develop it in a clear manner. The structuring of my sections in my essays has been particularly helpful for me in the past. I find that when you are immersed in a subject and have done a reasonable amount of learning concerning the specific topic it is often difficult to begin writing well. What I mean is, I find it a struggle to sift through the information in my head to construct well formed arguments that are laid out in a clear and logical order. One of the hardships of my undergraduate studies was reading over my assignment drafts and observing the shotgun like spread of my thinking. Beginning on one thought, skipping ahead to another, then backtracking to somewhere halfway in-between. Which would then kick off the rather time consuming editing process. Fortunately for me I had a conversation with a person named Tim. He told me about his undergraduate days, and somewhat annoyingly recalled the ‘ease’ of assignment writing and his quick pace at writing them. This was not because he was a human encyclopaedia, although he seems to nearly have that particular quality arising in him lately, but because he would start with a thorough structure for his assignments which greatly accelerated the writing process. Therefore, I decided to try out his words of wisdom by creating a few assignments by firstly doing detailed structures of the essay. And it work, it worked really well. I found that you spend more time thinking about the overall argument and flow of the essay which leads to less time moving things around and editing your arguments at the end of the process.

Therefore I have created a rough structure for my research which is admittedly vague on here in the blogosphere, but I assure you is much more detailed in my actual working document.



Why this Topic

Thesis Statement




A pretty standard structure for this type of thesis project in my field, but I assure you again that in my working document there are many further substructures in each of these existing headings.

Anyway thats all for now, better get some shut eye, work tomorrow.



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