Day 1

Today is the first day of my thesis journey. I’m feeling a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and curiosity. I have been waiting to start this journey for a few years now and the day is finally here. The day that I can begin my research life and hopefully launch myself into doing further study beyond my ongoing Master’s degree.

I had a meeting with my supervisor today, which was really helpful to guide me towards a starting point for my thesis, as well as inspiring me to get back to work after being on holiday for the past six weeks in Europe. My supervisor suggested that my topic needed to be narrowed further from what it was in my proposal so that I can just focus on what I want to be researching. Additionally my supervisor directed me toward making a start on my introduction for the thesis, as an exercise in delimiting my thesis as well as helping to begin writing my own thoughts about my research, as this part is going to be done with as little footnotes and references as possible.

Following the meeting that I had today I spent a few hours in the library collecting resources for my study. Grabbing a broad range of material to set the scene for my research. Lots of background information. Lots of preliminary reading.

So here’s to starting a thesis.

Here’s to the journey ahead.

Here’s to the drinks you’ll buy me once I’m finally finished!



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